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Welcome to Illkiller!

Illkiller is a teaching platform to transform your emotional vulnerability into strength, the spiritual way.

I am Stefania Pönitz.

Aura healer and meditation teacher since 2005

Aura reader since 2006

How can I help you?



Explore your inner wisdom with Illkiller's:

Grounding Workshop


Trauma informed playlist

Emotions 101


per month

Personal guidance and support online while you progress through Illkiller's free resources

Limited spaces available

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Personal session with

Stefania Pönitz

1 hour

Intimate spiritual support


Only a few spots a week

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The Sledgehammer Meditation Workshop

Master the

5 steps to process every emotion

Only accessible after establishing

a good working relationship

Tibetaanse Gebedsvlaggen

Going from vulnerable to strength is a process.

It is important to learn what strength looks like and how to achieve it by yourself so you will not depend on others for your development and growth.

We will work with ancient meditation techniques that for millennia were only passed down from master to a few selected students.

These techniques are the highest form of ancient and modern day knowledge to access the self and all the wisdom that is stored within.

start our journey together

Let's have a 20-minute intake about

expectations and results



establishing a good working relationship

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