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Kill your ills 101

Grounding intro

How fabulous are high heels? I couldn't get enough of them and that's why I had them in all colours, materials, blinged-out and perfectly sleek. Now I wish I would never have to wear shoes again! Luckily for my vain constitution being all natural and barefoot is trendy right now. Isn't that convenient?


How did this bizarre turn of events come about? 

The benefits of grounding outside came to my attention. Not the grounding I was already doing for 15 years in meditation that symbolizes the energetic connection between people and earth. Let's not throw out the importance of symbolism and meditation

but the results of connecting directly to the earth have been quite revealing in medical studies over the past 20 years.


Get a simple but in-depth look into all things grounding with this free workshop 


  • The history of grounding

  • Grounding outside + medical research results

  • Grounding physically exercise

  • Grounding mentally exercise

  • Grounding and kids

  • Grounding and food

Grounding on the beach
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