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A moment for yourself

One hour long of receiving support, being recognized for who you are as a person, and receiving tools to further your personal development and growth after the session.


Most clients still speak highly about a single session years after the fact because of the immediate relief a session offers. The words that are spoken and the feelings that are felt validate a meaning of life that is rarely encountered in the modern world. The impact of a session can resonate for months. 

A client at a spiritual fair could not believe he actually felt the warmth of the energy flowing through his body. This is a very common response when people have not experienced spiritual guidance based on energy before yet the look of wonder in their eyes never tires. 

Spiritual and emotional support 

Spiritual and emotional welfare are a mystery to most. While throughout history the wise men made sure to engrave it into the important monuments of their time. Know yourself and you will know the world. Civilization after civilization, time after time, similar messages were an inspiration to live by.

The spiritual teachings Stefania works with are effective and elegant in their simplicity. The Dalai Lama plays a role in revealing this ancient wisdom to the world as a lot of the knowledge survived in Tibet but also in more regions of the Himalayas such as Nepal. The knowledge finds its roots in India. You might know it today as yoga, a physical exercise but training the body in this particular fashion is only one pillar of yoga. The same practice, discipline, flexibility, and stability can be brought to our inner world by specific

meditation techniques. The essence of yoga is a. do not hurt yourself, b. go as far as you can but no further hence a., and c. take a breath, rest repeat. Apply this to emotional and spiritual welfare and a reliable framework is created for personal growth and development. 

Enter into the world of inner sophistication and find the answers you are looking for. 


What can you expect from a personal session with Stefania?

It is a literal heart to heart. To enter the vulnerability and wisdom of another's heart is to be accepting, conscientious, and supportive. This means when you need relaxation, you will be guided towards relaxation in a matter of minutes. When you need love, you will be given as much love as you are able to take in. When you need to be more open minded, you will be guided and supported to open your mind. When you need stronger boundaries, you will be taught to strengthen your core as a stronger core will lead to stronger boundaries. Every step will be taken with your permission, you are in control at all times. 

Every session brings energy and thereby development and growth in motion. 


The impact of a session lasts anywhere from a couple of days to months. After the session, you can always reach out for additional information or advice. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and into your strength?

Testimonial of a gentleman in Kentucky, USA:

Stefania, please start focusing on personal sessions again. Sure the meditations are great but you are so talented in personal sessions that I think that is all you should do.

How to start this consult?

Schedule a free 20-minute intake. This intake is to take inventory of your expectations of a personal session, your short-term and long-term personal goals, and what you are willing to do to achieve these goals. 


A personal session with Stefania is €65 per hour which is a reduced price ever since the current health crisis started at the beginning of 2019.

The sessions can take place online via Instagram or Facebook video chat functions. An in-person meeting is also possible in most cities in The Netherlands. 

Request your 20-minute consult

Take into account that Illkiller is located in The Netherlands, 

the CEST timezone applies

Thanks for getting in touch!!!



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