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  • Stefania Pönitz

Hello first chakra

To say hi to anything is an acknowledgment. We perceive something to be real and we acknowledge it in its current form. This can be a whole other person, it can be an inconvenience, a pain, a goal, or an achievement. So when we say hello first chakra, we're saying hello to our foundation which is our health, our safety which adds up to the trust we have in ourselves OR the lack thereof.

As you might know, my first chakra has been pretty messed up for a pretty long time. So saying hello first chakra hasn't been on my mind for a long time. Please, I'm trying to relax here, I don't need to be confronted with 1000 issues of feeling unsafe, my health being all messed up, and not being able to work full force all at the same time. So, I've tried to isolate the issues as much as I could so I could deal with them one at a time and not be constantly overwhelmed by all of them. Which is pretty much impossible to do yet we try honey, we try.

It's funny because it's usually very hard to explain a skill that comes naturally to us because we feel like "we just do it". When it comes to the skills we struggle with, we are forced to break them down so we can learn how to execute them correctly every minute step of the way. After 20 years I'm an expert in the first chakra. As I'm quitting smoking for the 1 millionth time, grounding myself, finding some relaxation is hard AF, and all of my usual ways as deep breathing, creating a grounding cord in visualization, doing yoga, and touching the earth weren't working so I felt ready to try saying hello first chakra.

I mean, its all encompassing, there's nothing going to be overlooked. I am ready! Am I really ready???? Oh God, here it goes. Instant impact, my legs, and feet are starting to heat up, the energy is flowing darling, it's flowing, I feel relaxed. Ooh this is going so well. This is just like my Sledgehammer Meditation Workshop isn't it? Going straight to the essence, there's going to be some kickback....isn't there???? Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, for now, this is the only thing that's working for me right now so I'm going to keep doing this 3x a day. Haven't we made this mistake before? Doing these essential exercises way too much so the body and mind can't even keep up??? Aren't you always telling others not to do this??? (Do they ever listen??? Nope LOL) Well, if anything else was working at all, and if I had less of a need for relaxation, I wouldn't do this but this is where we are, here goes nothing.

I ended up having an amazing day, next to getting the necessary relaxation, I was able to work, work-out several times, generally be active, and having the best freaking sleep. Then the next day came.

Ouch my feet hurt, I'm so tired. Did I do too much yesterday? Probably a little too much but also just the activation of the entire first chakra. I have to say every time, I did the hello chakra meditation, I also filled my first chakra up with love. Constantly alternating between the two. This is done to support the first chakra to the max while gently embracing any issues that might still reside in there. I rested a lot that day. I really needed that. By the end of the day, I started feeling okay again and more active. It's now another day and my feet still hurt a little bit but I can definitely make everything work today.

All and all, I'm super excited about this step forward. It's a biggie for me. Fingers crossed for the next few days LOL. If your foundation is all messed up, this exercise is probably not the best place to start due to its intensity. I've done these types of exercises for 20 years so I know what I'm doing and I know how to catch myself when I fall but if you feel ready and you're already familiar with grounding and supporting yourself then this is a great exercise to integrate into your grounding and relaxation routine.

See you later!



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