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Kundalini Experiment, ecstatic results???

Traveling through the history of aura healing and reading which finds its roots in yoga, I came across Kundalini yoga in ancient form. The ancient form, I am referring to are the yoga Upanishads of which the text is written in Sanskrit. At the end of this blog I will put some links to in-depth articles about the yoga Upanishads and the Rigveda as they are fascinating and they are still the foundation of spirituality as we know it today.

Lucky for me, I came across a perfectly calm and English speaking Monk that explained, translated, and presented a framework for experiencing the awakening of Kundalini energy within the body based on these ancient documents. See video above.

The very non-clinical environment for this experiment was me slouching on the couch a little before midnight, thinking I could squeeze in this meditation before going to bed. Wrong! It took me 2 hours in total to do the meditations and write down the experiences I was having which I decided to do as I noticed an urge to share.

Did I do anything slightly comparable to the experiment of Swami Tadatmananda? No, he took weeks to experience all of this and I am sure he took a long time to meditate on each chakra. I took 5 minutes for each chakra and added on an extra 2 minutes to experience the overall result. Desecration? Maybe... Phenomenal results? For sure.

The goal of this practice is to awaken Kundalini. Kundalini energy is described as inner fire, life force, and divine female energy. This energy is reportedly coiled at the bottom of the spine and is represented as a serpent. Awakening the Kundalini energy should give rise to that "snake" as it comes up along all the chakras to the crown of the head. Personally, I can always use chakra alignment and a fresh energy that I am not yet familiar with. Over the years in the spiritual world, I have heard a lot of positive things so let's find out what it is all about.

Before we get started one important aspect I came across with Kundalini is that a lot of people hold great fear over out of body experiences, being able to leave the body and not being able to come back. There is talk of Kundalini psychosis. I will elaborate on this as I describe my experiences. If you want to keep it safe I recommend my healing meditations in my YouTube playlist.

Let's get started

The first chakra aka the root chakra aka Muladhara.

I meditated by using the mantra Lam as suggested. I said it calmly and out loud as I was breathing out. This immediately opened my first chakra and I felt strong sensations on the backside of this chakra, a feeling I was not familiar with. As you might know, I have struggled for decades with this chakra because I was unable to "root" myself due to complex trauma. Feeling this impact got me incredibly excited. What followed were trippy, fast-spinning visuals. Like spinning mandalas, complex yet devoid of color. I am someone that experiences visuals quite easily however I never had imagery like this before so this was a fun aspect for me.

Another instruction from the ancient text was to meditate visualizing the God Brahma who has 4 heads, 4 arms, and 2 legs. This was a struggle for me. I do not know if the resistance came from meditating on a God that I was not familiar with or the entire imagery with all the arms and heads or my general disdain for accepting anything as being above me.

After reciting the mantra Lam a few times, I already saw white energy rising up from the first chakra to about the fifth chakra/throat area. I was quite surprised to get close to the intended end result in just a few minutes.

The second chakra aka the sacral chakra aka Svadhisthana

Starting off with the mantra Vam as the previous mantra had such a profound impact. No such luck this time around. I found this experience much harder than the first chakra. This really surprised me as I see myself as the master of the second chakra and a layman of the first chakra. The same kind of spinning mandalas visuals were present from beginning to end although less intense than during the first meditation.

Another instruction is to meditate on elements ascribed to the chakras. For the second chakra this is water which I had a hard time visualizing. Water can also be represented by a white crescent moon. This is where it got freaky! While visualizing the moon within the chakra, the moon was placed outside of the chakra and outside of me. I liked the experience but I had no reasoning for it at the time.

The deity of the sacral chakra is Vishnu, a God often depicted with blue skin and 4 arms. This time around it was very easy to visualize the God.

I kept going back to focus on water in the second chakra, as I can not stand anything that I am not able to accomplish so I will try, try, and try again, the water did not flow which disturbed me. Every once in a while a new drop fell into the water and made the second chakra resonate wide into the universe. I felt a lot of connections were made from this chakra to other chakras and places within my body and energy system. I think that had more to do with my personal needs than with Kundalini per se. At the end of this meditation Vishnu appeared to be juggling although there were no balls to juggle with. His arms moved in a circular motion to the right then left and then right again. White energy did rise again but not as strongly as during the first chakra meditation.

The third chakra aka Manipura

According to these scriptures the third chakra is located behind the navel and not three finger widths above the navel as in the practice I have been working with for decades. It is easy for me to accept this as it is just for the purpose of this exercise.

Ram is the mantra for this meditation and the symbolism is fire. The God is Rudra who is often depicted as a warrior and again has 4 arms.

Starting the meditation with the mantra Ram, I immediately saw the fire within me rise to the throat area. The God Rudra hissed like a snake or my old pet bunny Lady Guinevere. The rotating visuals of the previous two meditations became less intense but were still present.

Trust me, she hissed, my Lady Guinevere

At the end of the meditation my earlobes got hot and then something really freaky happened. A portal in front of my heart chakra opened. It was clear to me that this portal was not a part of my personal energy field. It was outside of me. I knew, I could enter yet I had no desire to do so as I was in the middle of an experiment and did not want to lose focus. The fire that had been rising and rising calmed down after the portal opened. This made me more grounded and I felt very good.

The fourth chakra aka the heart chakra aka Anahata

The mantra for this chakra is Yam. I had difficulty pronouncing Yam and started burping which made me laugh as the intended purpose was upward moving energy, check! The element for this chakra is air which was easily visualized. The benevelend God to meditate on for this chakra is Shiva. Shiva was having a lot of fun dancing around in my heart chakra. I felt a lot of warmth.

What I am starting to notice by following up with all the chakras in a row is that in the first chakra the energy went upwards. In the second it was rotating to both sides. In the third upwards again and in the fourth the energy went back and forth. These were interesting details that came to the forefront and I have been wanting to experiment with this aspect for quite a while so that is definitely something to put on the calendar.

The fifth chakra aka the throat chakra aka Vishuddha

The mantra is Ham and it was a lot more pleasant for me to work with than the previous mantra. The element to meditate on is space which went okay but was not spectacular.

The God is a bi-gender Shiva. The left side is female and the right side is male. This God was more aggressive than the hissing warrior God I had encountered before. It took a few minutes to acknowledge Shiva's aggression then Shiva calmed down and started having fun. I felt a lot of self love which made it clear to me that these meditations had already improved the connection between the chakras. I felt that I really needed this fifth chakra meditation.

The sixth chakra aka the third eye chakra aka Anja

For the sixth chakra there is no mantra nor element nor deity to meditate on. All chakras can be symbolized by lotus flowers each having a different number of petals. I did not use that symbolism before as there were so many suggestions that seemed more distinguishing towards each chakra. I chose to meditate on the lotus with 2 petals which represents this chakra and white light that represents all encompassing consciousness which was also suggested.

Immediately a portal opened. I do not know if it was the same portal as before or a completely different portal. Again, I was not even tempted to go through the portal. Love started radiating from the portal towards me. The love was represented as white thin elongated starfish. At first, they were spiraling towards me and later they came straight at me. I noticed all chakras working together which is normal when paying attention to all of them in a short amount of time.

The seventh chakra aka the crown chakra aka Sahasrara

A lotus with a thousand petals represents the seventh chakra. Thousand in this context also refers to infinite. Which reminded me of the artwork mille fiori (thousand flowers) from Chihuly which moved me to tears due to the abundant nature of the piece when I first walked into the room with it, pictured below.

Upon picturing the lotus, my crown chakra opened immediately and I noticed how easily I could now leave my body.

Let's take a moment to get into the opening portals, leaving the body, and the warnings of practicing Kundalini. The reason why I am not tempted in the slightest to leave my body is because I have come to accept that my life as a human being is here on earth. I am really not that interested in "what's out there". Granted I have been an aura healer and reader for sixteen years and one could argue that I already dabble in that which can not be seen. How do I get my unrelenting believe in chakras and auras? Because, I have worked with the techniques on myself and others for years. I can feel the chakras, I can feel the layers of the aura and most importantly it has benefited me and many I know in an incredibly loving and supportive way. So much so that I fear how my life would have turned out without this knowledge and these practices. Next to that it is a skill that anyone can develop. So, it is not about me being special either. I do happen to be talented in this area. For me, auras and chakras are normal, they are not in outer space, or in another dimension, they are right here.

During aura healing training we were once invited to leave our bodies much like in this meditation through the seventh chakra. Easy-peasy, getting back into the body, not so much. I needed help from several healers to get more into my body as I was kind of stuck halfway. It took about a month to get back in as far as I was before the exercise. That month, I was more uncomfortable than usual. A lot of trauma survivors like me have a hard time with accepting life on earth again as we have witnessed and undergone unspeakable horrors. Having put my blood, sweat, and tears into this very long healing process, I am not going to risk it for experiment sake or for any other reason, really.

A few years from now when I have furthered my grounding, I might feel less threatened by other dimensions and portals but as of now, I am doing everything I can to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

Back to the experiment. When I felt the seventh chakra opening, I had to focus on my grounding very much to ensure I would stay in my body. Again, there were a lot of spiraling strong visuals and I noticed all chakras aligning and connecting with each other. Even more than during the previous chakra. This conjured up a lot of energy which left my body through the seventh chakra then came back and rushed to the first chakra and back again. The thousand petals were starting to exert pressure on my skull which was very unpleasant.

A great insight came to me having to do with freedom (freedom is the domain of the seventh chakra), choice, and being non-judgmental. The conviction that "I am not looking for meaning" instead "I am striving to be" was validated which gave me little boost. All of a sudden everything got pressed together as a cube of space/time that closed and so did my seventh chakra. I could not remember the essence of what I had just experienced but I figured it would play out in the coming days. Which it did but I will share that on my Instagram as I do not think it warrants a blog. At the very end the white snake left my body through the seventh chakra and that felt okay. Although, I appreciate my chakras being aligned and connected and this experience sounds quite spectacular I was left with a rather anticlimactic sensation.

Having had a fine meditation, I was a little bummed about the anticlimactic sense. Realizing that my energy was primed, why not go back in for another 5 minutes to experience the whole of the work I just did? Very good choice.

Stunning very clear visuals appeared. A ton of self-love. The third chakra as I relate to it as the solar plexus and not in the behind the navel location as in this experiment became prominent. No surprise there, it is the ego and it felt skipped. My ego does not like to skipped, ignored, especially when everybody else is getting attention. Yet it seemed to be bathing in the glory of the energy of the moment. I was so struck by the amount of self-love because the last twelve years, I have worked so hard on grounding and self-love. Kundalini can be described as love, I guess but I was open to Kundalini being a force of nature that I was not yet familiar with so I do not want to define it right now. In my experience, I did not focus on love nor on my ego during this meditation. So for my ego to be bathing in self-love was puzzling and funny at the same time. It felt like the one time, I do not pay attention to it, it all works out and I have a better result than I have had in these past twelve years of trauma recovery while so often focusing on self-love. This is, of course, not true as all the efforts I put in are building on top of each other.

It is not so anticlimactic anymore, is it? No, it is not!

The takeaway from this experiment is that I understand a bit more about Kundalini and the origins of yoga and aura healing and reading which I am very grateful for. I recognize the beauty of the techniques and its beautiful results. On account of the portals opening and the seventh chakra opening with such vigor, I would not recommend these techniques to anyone, really. I think you are better off finding a skilled teacher in this exact discipline and listening to them and doing what they say!!! I have been meditating for 23 years. I have been to hell and back a couple of times. I am very well trained in adjacent techniques which I have kept up with daily for all this time. So meditating every once in a while for a couple of years does not make you an experienced practitioner even though you might feel that way.

The portals opening gave me the impression that Kundalini is a dance with all that is out there. Meditation in general is a dance with ourselves so we can be tuned into ourselves as well as all possible energy surrounding us. I do admire the "new world" Kundalini seems to open and especially because of the ancient nature of these practices. I am thankful these scriptures have survived time and I am thankful for Swami Tadatmananda for translating and presenting a framework for this practice.

Read all about the yoga upanishads

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Thanks so much for your time!


Stefania Pönitz


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