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Meditating with amethyst chevron

Amethyst is one of the first crystals I got some 20 years ago. I know super original right??? Strangely enough, I've never meditated with it. With all of the pointy crystals sticking out, holding it in my hand wasn't an inviting idea. As I'm gearing up for my first spiritual fair in years, I was wondering about incorporating different crystals in my decor, outfit, and as possible support for clients during the healings and readings. Well, in that case, I need to know exactly how the crystal is going to play. Where do I find an amethyst that I can hold for a while? Oh right, I bought a few chevron pieces months ago for my stone carving hobby. Although the piece is a bit rough it won't hurt me when holding it.

As I've been carving stones the last year, I've noticed that when I hold a stone for an hour or so a day, their aesthetic and qualities show up in my meditations. That's usually a calming and beautifying force. Some stones make me feel salty. No, for real!!! When I pick certain stones up I get a salty taste in my mouth and when that doesn't repel me enough to let go of the stone it's followed up by a general feeling of unwell. So, those stones aren't suitable for me in those moments. Do take these things into account for yourself when some healing thing is advised to you and it just makes you feel unwell, STOP IT!!!!

The stripy amethyst is called chevron. I noticed quickly it helped me with setting boundaries (sometimes these qualities are kinda like duh), it helps me focus and shut out negativity so I can stay grounded. Pretty good for a crystal to have on me during healings at a spiritual fair. Amethyst is so common because it's quartz and quartz is actually one of the most common materials in the earth's crust. Purple quartz is amethyst, the white is called milky, or just plain white quartz, and the colorless see-through is called clear quartz.

If you want to get more in-depth meditations with your crystals, you can make a heart connection from your heart chakra to the crystal. Say hi to it and be open yet have no expectations of what's to come, and see what happens. You can practice techniques like this and get deeper acquainted with your own heart chakra through these meditations in the Illkiller YouTube playlist, 4 ways to open your heart meditation, and your personal sanctuary meditation. These meditations will keep you grounded while experiencing the higher energy of the heart and amethyst.

Whatever people have to say about crystals, the scientists say it's inorganic meaning it's not a lifeform at all while others claim ancient wisdom is downloaded into you as soon as you touch it. I look at it like this. It's all such old material. Some crystals are formed a billion years ago, others as recent as 10 million years ago. So they've been present on this earth for such a long time that alone is a testament to the history of the earth and the influence of the universe. Having all of that history carried in a crystal is so cool!!! And yes, I do believe being open to that ancient energy is awesome and can be valuable. If it is, great, if you just think it's pretty that's great too! I don't really care to ascribe even more glorious aspects to them. Sure the little differences between the qualities are fun but the angels flying whispering secret messages into your ear, Imma pass on that. If we have to look at life through that lens we can say the same about the sky and the ocean, ooh when you enter the ocean all dead sea men will send their messages to you. That way you don't enjoy going in the ocean anymore. A happy medium is usually the way to go ;)

Crystals are the true treasure of the earth with all of their beauty and when having them around us makes us feel good, I say do it!

The prettiest amethyst I could find, yes I completely stole this image from so if someone feels compelled to buy this 4500 dollar piece for me, I'm sure Arkenstone/Irocks will be alright with me using their image ;)

I will be working on the chevron piece in the near future and I will show you what I come up with. I'll post the link here when it's ready.

Bye for now,



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