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Monday Group Healing

Every Monday at 6 pm Amsterdam time, Stefania connects with all Illkillers around the world. You can join in for free when you follow Illkiller on any social platform or subscribe to the newsletter


To intensify the experience you can do the Circle of Light meditation at the same time as the weekly group healing is being given so our hearts and minds are focused on the same goal at the same time. You can do the circle of light meditation at any time to feel connected and fill yourself and others with love. 

There is no livestream of the healing anymore but at Instagram Stories a weekly update is given about how the healing unfolded. 


Personal guidance and support online

Free online resources have enriched the world and Illkiller is happy to contribute to this relatively new tradition.


A young man from Ireland's testimonial: 


I have done everything you said in your blogs and used all available techniques and that made me turn my life around in 3 months time. 

This young lad never asked for help, he just utilized what was offered and expressed gratitude. Many more never get in touch. Others follow Stefania's healing process and wonder if they can do the same for themselves one day but they are not ready to take the plunge. 

With the personal guidance and support online package you will be able to:

  • share your personal development and growth goals. Stefania will evaluate with you if these goals are realistic and what you will have to do to achieve them. 

  • share your experiences and thoughts on the meditations, exercises, and blogs that are recommended to you. Stefania will give you feedback to place experiences in an emotionally and spiritually healthy context and reveal deeper meanings of what you encounter during meditations.

  • celebrate your progress together

  • receive consistent support to keep going

  • receive comfort during the dark days

  • create a plan for yourself how to keep going after the month is over

Book the intake, get acquainted and start extracting more meaning from your life. Every second of every day is a choice. Choose Illkiller today before all the places are filled up.  

Illkiller Personal guidance and support online
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