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How to start this consult?

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation. We can use this time to get to know each other and start getting you some answers. We will connect through video call on Facebook or Instagram. If you are near Groningen in The Netherlands, we can meet in person.

Who is this consult for?

For people with (c)-PTSD and their loved ones. You are welcome to bring your support system so they can learn more about what you are going through. As a loved one, you can also take this consultation by yourself. This consult has been created at the request of clients that wanted to inform their families about what they are going through but struggled to find the words.

Request your 20-minute consult

Take into account that Illkiller is located in The Netherlands, 

the CEST timezone applies

Thanks for getting in touch!!!

Testimonial from a young woman from the USA.

This consult has given me a lot to think about. It's nice that I can ask Stefania questions that come up in between sessions. I had no idea my clenched jaw was related to my trauma.

How much is the consult?

Illkiller's Trauma consult is €65 per hour. During the free 20-minute consult, we can customize the sessions to fit your needs based on the information you already have and the information you are seeking. There will be a maximum of 5 sessions.


Trauma consult

Finding answers about the (c)-PTSD recovery process is hard to do when you are already overwhelmed by the process itself. The questions clients have pertain to everything from mental health to spirituality and from seemingly weird physical complaints to maintaining relationships. In Illkiller’s Trauma Consult all these answers will be laid out for you which will give validation, tools, and hope to hold onto. This consult is a new and necessary part of trauma recovery.

Every trauma recovery process plays out on different levels:

  • safety, work, relaxation, physical health

  • emotions, sexuality, humor

  • ego (as in sense of self), boundaries, values

  • love

  • expression

  • thoughts, analysis

  • decisions, beliefs

Taking these various layers into account plus going over relevant scientific papers about PTSD, the brain, hormones, nerves, and food is a lot but bringing it all together gives insight and peace of mind.

Testimonial from a young woman from The Netherlands

I really loved being able to connect with someone that has gone through the process herself. The consult has given me a lot of validation. Ps. 1 week after the first consult I guided this client through a massive breakthrough

Laying out the inner workings of the emotional process gives the emotional side of trauma a beginning, a middle, and an ending which gives that much needed light at the end of the tunnel. (c)-PTSD pushes you into the darkest corners of your soul which makes a spiritual crisis very common. The spiritual crisis needs to be acknowledged and taken as seriously as all other aspects of trauma.

Knowing how to navigate the mental health care system and which effective treatment options are out there is a must so you will not waste precious time on waiting lists and even worse on the wrong treatment. 

All of this valuable information and more has been squeezed into Illkiller’s Trauma Consult which totals 5 hours. A consult will be 1 hour. 

Testimonial USMC combat veteran

Without Stefania, I would not have figured out the deeper layers of emotions and the spiritual guidance was very welcome as well. 

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